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Grade 4: In Google Classroom: Complete the text for your Animal Habitat slide. I have included the creature cards in the assignment so you may refer to them. Remember, you are applying what you know about the fictitious animal, what you know about real animals of the same class and what you know about your micro-habitat to infer how the animal would use the habitat to meet your assigned (chosen) need.
Grade 7:In Google Classroom: Create 3 different trail mix recipes. Use the "MY RECIPE" page on the Supertracker (link attached to this assignment in Googgle Classroom) to create your recipe. Save each recipe as a PDF and attach to the assignment. Compare and contrast the nutritional information. Choose one recipe as the healthiest and defend your choice in essay form citing textual evidence from your nutrition information and the nutrition articles included in this assignment.The essay is to be written in the "My Healthy Trail Mix Recipe" document attached to this assignment. Remember the total ingredient volume must total 6 cups. This project must be turned in at the end of class May 25.

Want to work on a project? Have a study group? Need some help with research for a project? 

Grade 4,5 may come to the Media Center 11:15-11:35 Monday, Tuesday and Friday
Grade 6,7,8 may come to the Media Center 12:20-12:40 Monday, Thursday and Friday
Students MUST sign up on the day when arriving at school on the clipboard outside the Media Center


Please send your signed Student Technology Use Agreement in ASAP! I am still missing a handful of students. Attached is the document.Student Technology.Behavior Policy 2015.pdf

If you need information on signing up for the Parent Portal, please email Mrs. Weippert. You will receive directions for creating your account and the codes needed to sync your student's records to your account. Parents can access the portal for grades 3 and up.

 7 & 8 Student Media Crew


Students are needed to assist with morning computer set up and shelving books. These hours count toward Confirmation, Scout badges and NJHS service hours. If you are interested see Mrs. Weippert in the  Media Center.

Parent Library Volunteers Wanted!

Volunteers are needed to assist in the library. Volunteers check books in and out, shelve books and help to process new books.
If you have an hour or two a week, please consider volunteering.
Contact Mrs. Weippert:


Grade 7: Complete the Cup Stacking Reflection Form. Due 2/14

Grade 7: Complete the Cup Stacking Reflection Form. Due 2/14

Grade 7: Complete the Cup Stacking Reflection Form. Due 2/14

Grade 7: Complete the Cup Stacking Reflection Form. Due 2/14

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